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About Us

MoMo Systems has been a leader of Asian Adult Entertainment Site and providing you Best Asian Adult content since 1995. InterNet Business has been crashing because of confusion by recent economy recession and the stock crashing and these influences had been exerted on our industry. But it didn't effect us at all!! We have partners that have been in adult business in Japan for over 27 years. With these partnerships we are able to bring you 301,000 + images and 3,700 + video titles that are all super high quality and uncensored contents with our original super beautiful Asian models. Moreover, we can provide you with full-length video streaming because of recent technology improvements. Affiliating with Hollywood Web Designers in the entertainment business, we can visually satisfy customers. We are also proud of our customer service systems that we can smoothly and rapidly reply to our customers from all over the world! Moreover, we increase the large number of members with these resources even if you say "The adult business is recession, too". To offer you the highest in Adult entertainment, we will do our best!

About Our Sites

We are doing our best to bring the Asian community sites that are beyond compare. Seance 1995 we have hired the best American design companies to supply us with up to date web sites that are stunning in there detail. We offer a large amount of free samples on each site that is sure to catch your customers eye!

We update our sites on a daily bases with new photos and video clips. 1/4 of our updates per month is 100% exclusive content that our company owns. We have some of the Largest Asian Only sites on the Internet today. All of our content is served up using our dynamic page generation system. We also supply the largest selection of Full Length BroadBand movies geared towards the Asian niche. ALL of our content is 100% Asian.( unlike most of the other Large Asian sites ) This has allow us to have some of the highest retention rates in the industry.

Our servers are all housed at a Level 3 Fiber Optic backbone facility, to provide the fastest possible connections. We use only linux operating systems for reliability. Even our windows media video servers are on Linux operating system. All our servers are updated yearly to the newest equipment.

Our award winning sites:

  Maccy.com - One of the first and most well know of all Asian sites.
  EroEro.com - Porn Porn - a site dedicated to Porn
  JapanUnderground.com - The underground side of Asian content - Bondage
  Nozoki.net - Feel the electricity of this modern Asian design.
  MeiMei.com - A site geared towards Chinese Asians.